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Optional Accessories

image Inlet Manifold

  • Distributes cooling medium (Air & water) into the Jet bubblers
  • Two way manifold has provision for inlet & outlet of cooling medium
  • Cooling hoses are connected to facilitate the movement
  • One touch fittings help in connecting to cooling ports in mold
  • Cooling tubes are gathered on the manifold fixed on the die
  • The number of holes for cooling tube connection are 10 of 20 or adjustable to any number less than 20 suitable for the size of the die
Outlet Devices

Output devices individually or in combination can result in early and easy detection of the cooling malfunctions like

  • Breakage of cooling pin with a cooling channel
  • Clogging of cooling pipe
  • Disconnection of the cooling tube
  • Breakage of cooling tube that blocks water flow

This can result in prevention of

  • Defected castings
  • Flow of water in a jet to molten metal minimizing damages to the die
image Visual Flow Device

  • Operator can visually check the flow of cooling medium in the core pin cooling process
  • Operator can check continuity of flow in each line
  • Ball inside the unit moves displaying fluid movement and if any one or more ball stops moving, it indicates malfunction
  • Designed & manufactured for number of lines which needs to be monitored
Flow Sensing Device

  • Detects the water and air flow condition of cooling water pipe
  • Output is a signal sent to flow indicator or malfunction sensing device
  • Can be installed on the mold
  • Designed for number of lines which needs to be sensed
image Flow Indicator Device with alarm unit

  • Receives signal from Flow Sensing Device and an indicator lamp turns on
  • Water flow condition can be displayed in real time
  • Whenever malfunction occurs, this device turns on its alarm light.
  • An alarm buzzer starts to sound to report the malfunction to the machine operator.
  • Designed for number of lines which needs to be indicated & monitored
Malfunction Sensing Device

  • Takes in output signals from the High Velocity cooling unit and Flow sensing device.
  • Judges whether cooling water/air flow is proper or not.
  • Detects cooling trouble and can shut down die casting machine automatically
  • Designed for number of lines where malfunction needs to be judged.
image Water Softener

  • Water softener converts hard water into soft water by exchange of hard salts of calcium & magnesium ions with Sodium using table salt
  • Minimizes clogging inside of cooling tube and channel from scales
  • Enhances cooling efficiency
  • Using soft water for casting products prevents adhesion of minerals to the product surface


  • Fully automatic, microprocessor controlled operation
  • Automatic regeneration on a preset time
  • LCD panel to easily set the regeneration time
  • High capacity operation to facilitate regeneration number of times
  • Space saving design & tank housing with brine tank
  • Maintenance free long life valve