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High Velocity Cooling Unit – NEX Series

image Characteristics:

  • Peripheral to cool core pin during the die casting process
  • Suitable for die casting with frequent die changes
  • Advanced equipment which ensures complete safety of both machine and operator
  • Integrates/interface to any die casting machine
  • Uses shop floor air and soft water
  • Unit with integrated automatic water softener (optional) prevents clogging of core pins & Jet bubblers
  • Optional devices like Flow sensing, Flow indicating & malfunction sensing can be integrated for early & easy detection of cooling malfunctions


  • Operative by connecting to the power source, start signal from the die casting machine, with water and air sources.
  • Designed as per standard requirement of International Electro technical commission (IEC)
  • Powered by advanced and fully automated PLC based control system
  • HMI lets easy setup of the cooling cycle
  • Operation is by touch panel with alarm indications and online trouble shooting guide
  • High pressure cooling pump is inbuilt
  • NEX comes with safety features
    a. Prevention of occurrence of touch voltage
    b. Protection against residual voltage, earth fault, residual current
    c. Service switches, control circuit and motor control circuit protection
    d. 3 phase sequence prevention
    e. Protection against over voltages, under voltages and phase loss protection devices
  • Plug and play CE marked unit with standard spares
  • Easy servicing and maintenance
  • Built with branded bought out parts with international warranty
  • Various models can cool 20, 40, 60 and 100 core pins with 2, 4 or 6 cooling systems and can memorize cooling patterns for 16 parts