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Descaling & Cooling Unit

image Characteristics:

  • Compact unit to remove scale and clean the internal cooling line of Inserts, Jet coolers, Jet cooling pins, Manifolds and spot coolers
  • Effective cleaning of cooling line leads to desired cooling in molds thus increasing mold life
  • Leakage in cooling lines can also be checked
  • Very effective during maintenance activities of molds
  • Helps reduce maintenance time and cost
  • Increases life of consumables
  • Uses shop floor air and water


  • User friendly simple and manual operations
  • Water/splash proof design to withstand shop floor conditions
  • Works with air operated pump
  • Anti corrosive solvent followed by hot water and air is used for descaling and cleaning
  • Inbuilt tank with easy mobility with wheels
  • Fully enclosed design ensures complete safety of the user