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Vacuum System

image VACMAX Series

  • Peripheral to evacuate air/gases from mold cavity and shot sleeve during a die casting process
  • Helps to minimize air inclusions/gas porosities in the castings
  • Better vacuum translates into optimum quality
  • Reliable process monitoring reduces the rejection rate
  • Integrates to any die casting machine
  • Geringer Wartungsaufwand


  • Designed with twin stage vacuum process by which air is evacuated in two stages: Stage 1 in shot sleeve and stage 2 in mold cavities
  • Inbuilt vacuum pump and vacuum tank
  • Monitoring of vacuum with graphical displays of stages
  • Turnkey solution to support die casting process nature and cycles
  • Custom built filters to secure the system
  • User friendly operations with simplified touch screen setting
  • Fully covered design to ensure user safety and withstand die casting process conditions
  • Self detection of process abnormalities and stop function with alarm/light indications
  • System is inbuilt with trouble shooting steps