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Core-Pin Cooling


Cooling of small diameter core pin was a major challenge for die caster. The developments in the last decade have made it possible now.

Advantages of Core Pin Cooling :

During high pressure die casting of Aluminium alloys, generally there are three defects that are confronted by die casters on or around core pins:

  • Soldering
  • Shrinkage porosity around core pins
  • Wash out

Cooling of core pins results in minimization of the defects. This process also improves the life of a core pin used in casting process.
Here are some advantages of core pin cooling technology:

  • Reduced die maintenance
  • Decreased downtime of casting machines
  • Increased life of die components, such as core pins
  • Improved casting surface quality and dimension
  • Reduced cost of tool for post processing
  • Reduced use of lubricant
  • Distortion control